Frozen Resolve

In April 2014 a group of friends and I worked on a project to create a video game in thirty days. The game is called Iktsua, a shortening of the Inuit word iktsuarpok which is defined as the feeling of anticipation one has when waiting for someone to arrive, a reflection of the feelings of the family and friends of the main character of the game who must travel and survive the snow and ice of a winter wilderness.

The game is an action adventure game with several survival elements such as staying warm and fed and also features non-linear gameplay, many unique animals and bosses, a randomly generated world each time a new game is started, original graphics and animations, and an original soundtrack. The game can be downloaded for free from

My part in the project was programming the procedurally generated random world and writing the soundtrack. The video above features the gameplay and one of the music tracks called Frozen Resolve which is featured during boss fights.

Small MIDI Recorder

This is an extremely lightweight program for recording small musical ideas from a MIDI input device, programmed out of the need of a simple program that's easy to load and easy to close for quick recordings. Programmed in C++ using the .NET framework and MIDI API. Click here to go to the download page.