Small MIDI Recorder

Do you often play keyboard when you come up with a short melodic idea, chord progression, or an inspiring improvisational moment that you want to save? Perhaps you have software that can record it but the software is a memory or resource hog designed for large projects and therefore has a long or tedious loading process that's just not worth it for your little idea. Or maybe you don't have any software at all. In whichever case, here's your solution: The Small MIDI Recorder. I make up musical ideas all the time and used to have some simple software to record it with. Since I no longer have that software but still wanted a simple way to record, I wrote this program. It's extremely lightweight, written in C++ .NET and uses the Windows MIDI API.

The .NET Framework is required in order to run the program. Most Windows users already have it installed, but if you do not, you can download it from the Microsoft website here.

Features as of version 1.0

  • Lightweight
  • Metronome and tempo settings
  • MIDI input/output device settings
  • Live patch changing
  • Can save as MIDI files


Small MIDI Recorder 1.0